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I am the owner of Neverland Entertainment! I was born and raised here in mid-Michigan. I married my high school sweetheart and together we have three amazing children. I studied child development, during which I had my first child. I was captivated by his baseline state of joy and wide-eyed wonder of the world. It was this that began my mission to pursue the state lost to growing older. 
Neverland Entertainment’s goal is to create a moment where you “never have to grow up”. To transport you back to the place of childlike wonder and awe. We hope our extra pixie dust gives you magical memories to last a lifetime, and sweet moments where we can all be like a child again. 

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Neverland Entertainment was founded in 2014 with a simple goal, to inspire children to believe in themselves and their dreams...

Our Mission

Neverland Entertainment is dedicated to inspiring kids of all ages. We love when a child's eyes light up and they feel important and special. We want to help children use their imaginations and spark their natural creativity. It is important to us that children grow confident in their natural talents, abilities, and gifts. We want to encourage children to dream big and pursue excellence. Our company was built on values of hard work, honesty, affordable quality, safety and the heart to dream big. Our founder, Madison Nix, grew up in a low socioeconomic home that struggled financially. When the journey of this entertainment company began she knew she was never in it for the profit. Staying true to the heart of the company, our founder and owner ensure that her company participates with as many non-profit organizations as possible; bringing smiles to all children and those who are children at heart. We keep the children first and deliver each experience with the magic of dreaming.

Affordable Quality

At Neverland Entertainment we do our research to ensure we are offering you the most affordable, high-quality character entertainment on the market. Our company's founder came from humble beginnings, but always had large dreams. We believe that children should be encouraged to dream big. She wanted to be able to offer the freedom to dream to all children regardless of financial situations. Although we want to keep prices down, we never want it to take away from our quality. We hire performers that are in line with our company's values and who seek to ensure no child is left behind. At each performance, we know they will bring 110% of their energy, investment, and spirit. We don't just look for good entertainers, but for people with caring hearts who put the child first. So Yes, we are affordable, but never at the cost of quality.

Safety First
Rapunzel doesn't care for "ruffians, thugs, or men with pointy teeth..." and neither do we. We are aware of the delicacy of children's entertainment and the importance of putting safety first. Each of our entertainers and crew is personally interviewed face to face and receive a thorough background check. We do this because we know you deserve that reassurance. We realize that the people we add to our cast are an extension of the company and we want to ensure that they are highly suitable for the job. When you hire a character with Neverland Entertainment you can be assured that you're not only getting quality but safety as well.

In addition, our entire existence as a   company, are proud to say we have never missed an event. You can be rest assured when you book with us, you are getting quality performers guaranteed to arrive ready to serve.

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Madison is the Founder of Neverland Entertainment. She often performs and absolutely loves what she does! Madison has studied music and theater both at Washtenaw Community College in MI and at Life Pacific University in CA. She now currently resides in California where she works her dream job as a music teacher. 

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