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About Us

We are a Live Character-Party Rental Company located out of Livingston County. We perform and service parties and events throughout lower Michigan. Neverland Needle Nook was founded by Madison Nix in 2014. Our first public performance was at the Hamburg Family Funfest in 2016. Since then we have performed at many locations and have worked with non-profit organizations like Maggie's Wigs 4 Kids and Relay for Life.


Neverland Needle Nook was born out of Madison's love for her favorite bedtime character, Peter Pan. After putting on a few "homemade shows" and skits with family and friends, Madison began to call them "Neverland Theatre Productions'" When she finally convinced her parents to give her the spare bedroom to let her turn it into her sewing room, she decided that it was her little sewing Nook. And so with time Neverland Needle Nook stuck as a name, and for the time it well covered the entire heart of what the company strove to represent.


In 2018 the company took on the name Neverland Entertainment, since the company solely focused in on it's character party rental and no longer offered sewing services. The name now fully embodies who we are and where our values lie.


We want our customers to have an experience that is memorable, enjoyable and has just a hint of pixie dust.

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Owner | Madison Nix


Manager | Hanna Scott

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