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COVID-19 Update

Hello Everyone! We all love warm hugs at Neverland Entertainment, but we understand the need to practice social distancing during these unprecedented times.

Please take a short minute to learn about how our company is responding to this virus and the safety measures and precautions we are putting in place to assure our performers' safety and your family's safety.

Dear Neverland Entertainment Family and Visitors,

We thank you for your willingness to take the time to learn more about what Neverland Entertainment is doing to ensure safety for all of our clients. These are difficult times for us all and we thank you for your patience as we navigate it as an entertainment company and learn ways to better serve you and your family.

We are offering video chats and personalized videos to help make this time special for everyone, especially the little ones. Please visit our Quote-n-Book page for more details on how you can schedule your virtual event!


Since the stay-at-home mandate is lifted, we have resumed doing in-person events. Please note that we take extra care in the cleaning of our costumes, party games, and various props that our actors use at events. Each item that is used at events is cleaned/washed and disinfected thoroughly. We promise to continue to be vigilant in this for the safety of our clients, performers, community, and our own families.


We know our circumstances are temporary but we are enforcing some new permanent procedures into our party process until further notice.

We never send in performers that are sick or are getting over a cold. In addition to this, we will be monitoring our performers' temperatures a week in advance of the event for an extra measure of safety. 

A new part of our policies is that we will be adding in is a policy that states:


"Our character attendants are at events to ensure the happiness and safety of everyone involved. They reserve the right to report to management if there is a visibly sick and possibly contagious guest at an event. If so, the management team reserves the right to have the performer(s) and character attendant leave for the safety of the performer(s)."


This may seem harsh and very black and white, but our priority is your family's safety. Our actors attend multiple events in one week and we do not want to put anyone at risk. We take safety seriously and we hope you do too. Please encourage your party guests to stay home if they are sick. We don't want any one's special day ruined. We are always willing to reschedule an event. We promise to always make your safety our priority.

As we continue to comply with CDC guidelines for handwashing and social distancing, we urge you to as well. To learn more about this virus and how to protect you and your family please visit for more information. 


Thank you for your support! We would not be here without you. We miss partying with you all and cannot wait to get back to it! From our entire team at Neverland Entertainment, we offer warm hugs, hope, and magical memories.


Madison Nix

CEO/ Founder of Neverland Entertainment

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