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Meet Our Performers


Madison Nix

Madison is the owner of Neverland Entertainment. She often performs and absolutely loves her job! Madison has studied music and theater both at Washtenaw Community College in MI and at Life Pacific University in CA. When she finishes getting her B.A. in Worship Arts and Media she hopes to be a music teacher. Madison has been in many shows ranging from community theater to semi-professional regional theater.


Hanna Scott

Hanna is the head manager of Neverland Entertainment she loves what she does! Hanna has a background in performing in community theater productions, as well as years of private vocal instruction. Hanna has studied child development and worked at several childcare centers and preschools. Currently, she stays home with her own little one. “I love making magical memories I know will last a lifetime, and most of all, I love witnessing that childlike sense of wonder firsthand.”


Ellie Stark

Ellie has been performing with Neverland Entertainment for 2 years. Ellie loves performing and has taken part in many different musicals both with her high school and local theater groups. Ellie Is excited to bring joy and laughter to each of the parties she goes to. 


Taylor Lethorn

 Taylor enjoys making other people happy and loves her job so much. She will be attending Eastern Michigan University in fall 2021 to major in music therapy. She hopes to one day have her own practice or work in a hospital and/or school to help other people through music therapy. She hopes to continue to perform at church, and with her band, while also furthering her solo career. Taylor has done many performances with singing, and musical theater, helping out with fundraisers and other various community events.


Gabrielle Baut

Gabrielle has been with Neverland Entertainment for 6 months


Christina Krysia

Christina has been performing with Neverland Entertainment for 4 years.


Darby Williams

Darby Williams is a senior at the University of Michigan double majoring in Drama and Social Theory and Practice. She has been acting since she was 10 years old; musical and Shakespearean theatre are her specialties.  In addition to her collegiate training, she is heavily involved in community theatre and her student theatrical troupe, The RC Players.  She also writes for the Michigan Daily, and her creative nonfiction has been featured in a variety of literary magazines.  In her free time, she enjoys acting, singing, directing, Irish dancing, and most importantly, collecting dinosaur memorabilia. 


Skylar Deming

Skylar has been performing with
Neverland Entertainment for 2 years.


Doug Harvey

Doug has been performing with Neverland Entertainment for 2 months.

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