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Party Policies

What You Need to Know Before You Book

Booking Parties

We currently book all of our parties through We use this site to protect your personal information. This also allows there to be a non-biased third-party to handle any disputes should the need arise. Our parties are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Weekends are very busy for us, and we often have multiple bookings. If you do not confirm your booking within 24 hours of us sending your official quote, you will forfeit your time.    

Confirming Your Booking

We will send you a message via Gigsalad to let you know when your party is fully confirmed. To fully confirm your booking we need verification of your payment by Gigsalad and the contract we sent you, signed, and returned. Once we receive those two items we will send you a confirmation message that your party is confirmed!

Character Attendants

For the safety of our performers, whenever there is an event with one character that is more than just a door visit, we send them with a character attendant. The character attendant is there to ensure everything runs smoothly. We try to make sure that the character stays in- character at all times, and the character attendant helps with this. Our character attendants are at events to ensure the happiness and safety of everyone involved. They reserve the right to report to management if there is a visibly sick and possibly contagious guest at an event. If so, the management team reserves the right to have the performer(s) and character attendant leave for the safety of the performer(s).


It is our company policy for our performers to arrive 30 min. before the start of the party, just to make sure they arrive on time. They will not enter the party however until the agreed upon time.

Party Delays or Reschedules

If you find that your guests have not yet arrived, or you are going to need to stall the entrance of your character, reach out to us immediately. It is up to the discretion of the performer whether or not they are able to stall. Some of our performers have to go party to party, and if the delay is too long, they won't be able to stay for the full duration, if your party starts late. Should you need to reschedule your party date and time, reach out to us ASAP. We will do our best to help find a new day and time for your party.

Booking Rush Fee

We understand that things happen and life can get crazy. Maybe you had a performer lined up from a different company and they canceled! We are here to help and we will try to help you if we have people available! If it is the day of the party and we have less than 24 hours notice, there will be a 25% rush fee charge. Party requests within made within 24-48 hours before the party will have a reduced rush fee charge of 15%.

What If My Party Time Needs to be Extended?

Our performers are dedicated to getting all of their agreed upon activities finished within the allotted and agreed upon time. If a performer fails to complete an activity that was previously agreed upon and stays longer to finish the activity, we will not charge for overtime. However, If a character has completed all of the agreed upon activities and is asked to stay "a little bit longer" please understand that there will be an additional fee. For every 1-10 minutes that the performer is held over there is an additional $10 charge. For every 11-20 minutes there is an additional 20$.

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