Zoom Character Parties- A Popular Alternative!

Party Planning has always been difficult, now with the way things are it can be even more stressful to try and plan a joyful, magical, and memorable experience for a loved one or friend. Zoom parties or drive-bys have become the preferred choice instead of going out to celebrate with friends or hosting a massive party in your backyard.

Maybe your child's birthday is coming up and you are worried that it will feel less than special. Perhaps you've already planned a surprise zoom call with their friends! Neverland Entertainment has always been dedicated to making magical memories and inspiring kids to dream big! During these difficult times, Neverland Entertainment has moved its interactive and magical services online for you and your family's safety. They offer Zoom or Facetime party calls, both for groups of kids or one-on-ones. Here's what you can expect from a private Video Chat with a character:

1. Before the party, the character will text you to make sure everything is set for the zoom call and to let you know they are ready

2. The Character will join saying hello to everyone and thanking the birthday child for allowing them to virtually visit them on their special day!

3. Depending on the character they can do a variety of activities and games. They can read a book, sing a song(or multiple songs! ), have a dance party, make a craft with them, play hide and go seek, and many other games. All of the activities that can happen will depend on how much time you choose to have the character virtually visit.

4. Something that kids really enjoy during video chats is show-and-tell time! They get to show-and-tell their items with the character and the character gets to share some special items of their own! This really helps the child feel connected and can create a really memorable moment. Many kids miss chatting with their friends. This can be a really precious time where the child gets to share how they are doing and hear funny stories from the characters how they are managing being inside and separated from friends and family.

5. Then it's time for goodbyes. After some virtual hugs and well wishes, the character will thank the child for a wonderful time and then log off!

And that is what a virtual visit looks like! To book your virtual party, email us at neverlandneedlenook@gmail.com! We can't wait to make magical memories!

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